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Education agent (#1.171.930.881) 

Ponuda za posao u Split (Splitsko-Dalmatinska), Hrvatska

Basically, the "job responsibilities" of the education agent can be summed up as seeking college/school leavers across Croatia interested in pursuing higher education experience in UK, Netherlands, Denmark or Sweden or any other place of higher learning w the language of instruction is English and recommend my consulting services to them. They must act and work as educational agents and to guarantee to school/college leavers in Croatia that I can offer high quality consulting services and advice on making an application for higher education experience outside of Croatia in order to benefit would be students' personal development, as well as making a proper and reasonable choice for further study or making the most out of university life. The education agent will be expected to engage in personal conversation with prospective students ( face-to face and via social media) in order to both raise awareness about the existence and usefulness of my consulting services and actively encourage increasing the customer base of the company.


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I offer consulting services in the field of higher education for citizens of Croatia for candidates of undergraduate, postgraduate programs and other forms of education of higher learning. The consulting services are aimed at the research, selection and recommendation of universities or other places of learning and programs, as well as the entire application process and its requirements. The business will adopt an individual approach towards each prospective student and will recommend the best possible route to personal fulfillment and choice of education/training program taking into account personal abilities, aspirations and academic success, thus recognizing the uniqueness of each prospective student.
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1 - 10
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Volen Savov
Dodatne informacije
Personal skills required for the vacancy

Willingness to learn new skills and meet new people.
Determination and tenacity
Good Awareness of school/college structure in Croatia
Strong communication and influencing skills
Strong internet skills and very good knowledge of the use of social media channels in Croatia.
Willingness to discuss higher education issues
College education completed as a minimum
Commitment for personal development

The earning potential of the vacancy could be significant. Remuneration is very flexible and is based on commission. For each would-be student who comes to me and use my consulting services, the education agent would get at least 10% commission. I can offer a higher commission, if the applicant performs outstandingly well. There will be further perks and benefits for the right candidate, if there are tangible results of his/her hard work. The monthly net pay package could exceed substantially the national minimum wage in Croatia several times, depending on how much effort the education agent would put in. As the old saying goes, the harder the education agent works, the greater the pay and benefits.

Please note that early application is strongly encouraged as selected candidates will start work straight away. Applications from all backgrounds are welcome. However, preference will be given to those candidates with work experience in school/college structure of Croatia or university lecturers or administrators. Vacancies need being filled out urgently.

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English (Stručnjak)

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